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How Our Disability Lawyers Can Help You.

If you need to apply…

New Mexico Social Security Disability AttorneysApplying for Social Security disability benefits is a complicated process. We are here to help! Unfortunately, most of the people who initially apply are turned down. At The Jeff Diamond Law Firm, we want to help you plan a strategy to win the benefits you deserve, whether applying in Midland, El Paso, Albuquerque, Carlsbad, or Roswell, New Mexico.

When an experienced legal team helps you apply, there is less chance for an error in your application that could potentially hurt your claim. If you make a mistake, Social Security may not let you change it later. Find out more about the application process, and how The Jeff Diamond Law Firm can help you!

If your application has been denied by Social Security…

Having your application for Social Security disability benefits denied can seem devastating, but don't give up because you may appeal the denial. The appeals process is long and complicated, and, many times, a small detail of your appeal can negatively affect your verdict.

Learn more and review the steps to appeal.

At The Jeff Diamond Law Firm, we have helped claimants appeal denied Social Security disability applications for over 30 years in New Mexico and Texas. Let our experienced attorneys wade through all the red tape and complicated forms and help you gather the evidence you need to properly appeal your case.

If you have a hearing scheduled…

If Social Security has notified you that you are to have a hearing, it’s very important that you and your evidence are both well-prepared beforehand. You are strongly encouraged to obtain legal representation. Our attorneys can analyze your Social Security file, obtain and submit important evidence, prepare your testimony, make helpful legal arguments, question witnesses, and cross-examine any medical and/or vocational experts who testify at your hearing.

Allow us to help you at your hearing; contact us today.

If all your appeals have been denied…

If your claim was denied by an Administrative Law Judge and then again by the Appeals Council, the next step is to file an appeal in Federal Court. You will need an attorney to file such an appeal. Not every denial is appropriate for Federal Court. Please schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys to discuss your case.


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